Album Review


Artist – Mr Flabio

Title – We Will Riot

Conquest of Noise Records


Mr Flabio AKA Tim Oxley has a strong musical heritage. Hailing from Kingscliff in Northern NSW, Tim is the younger siblings of the Oxley family, of which big brothers Peter and Jeremy were in the 1980’s rockers the Sunnyboys. Like his brothers Tim has talent galore, drummer, bass player, and guitarist, Tim has written all songs, and plays all instruments and vocals on this album.


As a 17 year old he moved to Sydney and formed his first band “The Humdingers”, power pop and fun, and since then has played in many bands, always writing, and honing his talent.


“We will Riot” is melodic and fun harking back to the Seattle sound, with touches of Nirvana, Mudhoney and the Lemonheads, with the lyrics with a pretty cool commentary on modern life in the modern world, with just a touch of angst. Plenty of balls and great guitars, and a raw drive and rock which seems to run in the family.


There are still softer touches with songs like “Rock n Roll Girlfriend”, and then Mr Flabio jumps down your throat with songs like “Rock On”. To be honest I was not sure first listen, but each listen since, the album grabs you and catches you, rocks, grinds, and gets that toe tapping going in your head. Very reminiscent of the inner city Sydney sound bouncing around the inner suburbs in the late 1980’s.


Seven pretty good tracks, and I am looking forward to catching Mr Flabio when Tim tours sometime early in 2015. Check out the first album track below….


MR. FLABIO – “Rock On” (Official Music Video) from Conquest Of Noise on Vimeo.