Well some wild weather, but it shaping for a great weekend, with some sunshine! A great weekend to get out and about, maybe to buy or sell a home!! Business has been picking up with more buyers starting to look aroundthemarket, and from our perspective at Fraser Financial Services, a number of customers are coming to find out ifthey really havethe“right” home loan.


Banks are offering some really great rates outthere, but I have found that whilethenew borrowers are gettingthediscounts, a lot ofthebanks are neglectingtheir current customers, not offeringthesame discounts tothem. I have seen this twice this week, where just a phone call made has saved my customers 0.15% offtheir rate.


If you are not gettingthebest deal from your bank, maybe it is time to call me here at Fraser Financial Services, and see what we can do for you, or at least find out what rate you SHOULD be on!!


At Fraser Financial Services, we do finance for homes, cars, trucks, commercial equipment, and business. We also have contacts inthemotor industry to get youthebest price on your new car first time! That is how we work here at Fraser’s, we are locals, we are fair dinkum, and we give youthebest price first time every time, over 13 years in business, and plenty of satisfied lifetime customers ontheGold Coast shows we are doing it right!






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Today I have another talk fromtheTED.com series, Derek Sivers, “How to Start a Movement”. An entertaining piece, and I am sure you will all get something from it.



Derek Sivers is best known as thefounder of CD Baby. A professional musician since 1987, he started CD Baby by accident in 1998 when he was selling his own CD on his website, and friends asked if he could sell theirs, too. CD Baby was thelargest seller of independent music on theweb, with over $100M in sales for over 150,000 musician clients.

In 2008, Sivers sold CD Baby to focus on his new ventures to benefit musicians, including his new company, MuckWork, where teams of efficient assistants help musicians dotheir “uncreative dirty work.”

“Derek Sivers is changingtheway music is bought and sold. A musicians’ savior. One ofthelast music-business folk heroes.”



Click onthelink to watch




I hope you enjoyed this weeks little newsletter, any questions on finance, do not hesitate to give me a call!!


Have a great weekend!!!