Happy Friday!!! – 14th October 2011


Another weekend ahead, and things keep rolling here at Fraser Financial Services. We have been busy getting new cars for our customers, and found myself sorting home loans out for a wide variety of customer needs. Construction loans, refinancing, new purchases, and self Managed Superannuation Funds purchases have been all on the menu this week.

Once again fixed rates seem to be falling, and I talked to the Business Development Managers from one of our lenders, and he commented that the banks have got money and they do want to get it out the door. But where is the bottom?

With fixed rates from 6.25%, a historically low interest rate, it may be time to fix your home loan. But it does have to suit your needs. Say if you were going to fix your loan for 3 years, well before you did this you would have to ask yourself…..

• Am I going to sell in the next 3 years?

• Will I have a lot of money come to me that I could pay off my loan, more than allowed before penalties?

Also fixed loans provide security…

• You know exactly what your repayments will be for X years, and you can budget accordingly.

• With some lenders you can still pay an extra $5,000 to $10,000 a year off your loan without any penalty.

If you would like to talk about refinancing and fixing your current loan, give me a call, and we can catch up to go over a few situations for you.

Whether it be for cars, trucks, commercial equipment, business, buying your home, renovating, refinancing, or for lending as a self-managed superannuation fund, contact me here at Fraser Financial Services.

“Think Finance – Think Fraser’s – It’s What We Do!”

Terry “Tappa” Teece 0400 853 035 terry@ffsqld.com.au

With all the doom and gloom around, I thought it would be time for a bit of a laugh from my favorites’ on Thursday night’s 7.30 Report – John Clarke and Brian Dawe – “The Financial Crisis Explained in 3 minutes”

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Happy Friday and have a Great Weekend!!!