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Well valuations are something that affects us all inthebusiness we are in. Some valuations have not been kind in recent months, and I thought I would give you an insight with Herron Todd White’s “Month in Review (March)” attached. It basically gives you howthey seethemarket and what to expect.

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The section ontheGold Coast commences on page 28, and one thing that was a bit of good news, was that investors seem to be makingtheir way back intothemarket, andthereasons listed are below:-



1) Interest rates are currently lower than the have been

for a while

2) Value levels on the Gold Coast are the lowest that have

been for many years

3) Costs are minimal to hold a property resulting from the

above two points

4) Uncertainty whether property prices will fall further on

the Gold Coast and investors may ‘miss the boat’.



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As it is Friday, I thought I would give you a link to one of my mates songs; Matty B, and his song “Friday’s” which was pretty popular on Triple J a while ago. Check it out, basically says what we all like doing on a Friday!!! Click onthelink and enjoy!!


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