Happy Easter!!!!


Well the Easter weekend is upon us, and once again a lot of people will be looking to grab a few days off with family and friends, and make the most of the few days off to get away from it all.


All of us here at Fraser Financial Services, wish all of you a great break, and a safe and happy time with your family and friends.


After you come back from your break, it might be a good time to look at your financial situation, and see if you can get a better deal. We can give you a free home loan health-check, and look to see if we can find you some savings to help with your day to day, week to week living expenses.


Call me on 0400 853 035, and either you can come and see us, or more suitable I can come to see you and look over your financial situation


Remember if you need finance for a home, car, truck, commercial equipment, business, or investment, contact us here at Fraser Financial Services. We have all the lenders and many options to give you the best deal possible.




Well not only do the kids get a break, but so do their school teachers…


Taylor Mali is a school teacher, who is passionate about what he does, and in this short TED.com video, he explains what he said, when at a dinner party, a solicitor friend asked “What do you make?”…. His reply is inspirational, and if all teachers had this belief, I think our world would be a much better place…..


Click on the link to check it out…….