Spring has sprung, and there does seem to be some movement at the station with an increase in enquiries at our office. It is home buyer season and with interest rates at record lows and prices as low as they have been for years it is definitely a time to buy!


Here at Fraser Financial Services we have a range of products from our panel of lenders that can get your customer over the line into their new home! We have full doc, Lite and Lo Doc options, and even if your customer has only been in their job for short time, as long as they are not on a probationary period, we can get them a home loan too!


We also have lenders that look at borrowers with credit defaults, and we are there to get the result for our customers!

What is the best home loan? It is the one that allows you to purchase the home you want and best suits your needs and wants, and your financial situation.


Here at Fraser Financial Services, we also do commercial property finance as well, and again we do have some Lo Doc options as well, and well as the sharpest rates for those Full Document customers as well. Also is it time to turn over your car? We offer vehicle and commercial equipment financing, and we also offer the services of a vehicle broker as well. We make easy for you to be in your new home, car, truck, or commercial property, with a minimum of fuss, and a maximum of ease.


Contact me on – 0400853035 or 0755766299 for your finance options, or email me at terry@ffsqld.com.au . Let me find the finance solution for you!!!


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In the meantime, enjoy your weekend!!!



Happy Friday!!!!!!!!!