Feel Like A “Tree Change”?


The term “Sea Change” is well known, but also another which has been trending of late, is “Tree Change”. This is where people go to escape the hustle and bustle of city and suburban life to a more country lifestyle.


The November “Month in Review” from property valuers Herron Todd White, focuses on the markets in these “Tree Change” areas, across the whole of Australia. I have attached a copy of this report for you to check out, feel free to pass on to your colleagues or friends. Included in the report is looking at property values for commercial, residential, and rural property, plus market indicators and analysis.

Click to see Report



Herron Todd White being one of the major property valuers in Australia, it is good to see their insight to what the future may hold in these markets, and what current sales have been like.


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Please find Herron Todd White’s Month in Review November Edition attached, and for a Friday laugh check this out…. My old favourites Clarke and Dawe on the cycling drug cheating crisis… Click on the link to watch…