Hello one and all thought I would clear the 1000 rumours that are going around.

A thank you to everyone at the office for your good wishes etc, and especially to Nic who I scared the living daylights out of the other day.

A big thanks to the cross promotions girls who helped out Nic as well.

It was quite funny actually, I come to, in the office to find 4 attractive women doting over me making sure I am alright as the ambulance arrives…

Next the Paramedic and the ambulance driver turn up, 2 hot female ambo’s as well…. Mmmmm… Maybe I had died….

I got to the hospital, and what do you know but a hot female pommy doctor who surfs is looking after me, some bloke was helping her so the dream had to end anyway…..

Anyway the real story is that at Robina I had another episode, when I was hooked up to the monitors, wherein the doctors (8 of them by this stage) when I come to seeing and hearing but unable to move for some seconds, are all checking me out with a very concerned look…

What the monitor told them (No one was standing next to me when I went) was that my heart had stopped for 10 seconds. Now, after that episode I realized that this had happened at home 2 or 3 times before, and I wrote it off as being tired, and just needing more sleep. Mmmmm… forget the self diagnosis from now on….

So this has been going on for 3 months or maybe even longer, but coming to a head just recently, and it was luck it had happened in the office, and particularly at Robina Hospital, but it always happens when i am resting or down time.

Anyway the story continues

So they send me to Southport where I am hooked up to everything ECG etc etc, Zap pads attached on the way up if i drop again…. The consensus of opinion from the doctors is that my heart is fine it is just for some reason the electrics decide to stop working, when i am in resting mode, so a pacemaker is the solution. The doctors still make me go ahead with stress test, and echo test (Ultra-sound) of my heart which I passed with flying colours (Stress test is 15 minutes on walking machine increasing the incline angle and speed until eventually getting to a run, and then monitoring your recovery). This shows my heart is fine, so they book me in for a pacemaker on Tuesday, say I am not sick enough to get it put in straight away, go home, come back Tuesday, no driving, have someone with me at all times.


I go home, have dinner, lie on the couch, and then it happened again a scarey experience…. coming to – seeing, hearing, but unable to move for 2-5 seconds (Which seems like a hell of a long time). Lachy saw it – he is on the phone and I am back to Southport, where i see a few nurses I know and spend until 9pm until 2.30am in the emergency ward with all the crazies waiting to get booked in. You dead set never want to go there if you do not have to, on a ¬†Friday night it is nuts… Junkies, drunks, freaks, etc etc… I actually got some sleep between being woken up by screaming lunatics….

Anyway the upshot is that I get my pacemaker on Tuesday out on Wednesday, recovery will be around a month to 6 weeks no driving for at least 2 weeks, and I must be careful with my left arm, it is not able to go above the shoulder for one month minimum. After that I will have no problems, except for at airports and metal detectors…. The healing process of the wound is most important in the early stages so minimum movement etc…

Anyway no cause has been determined, but the pacemaker is an insurance policy against it happening again, and I did not have a heart attack!! The rumours abound everywhere, constant gossip on what had happened to me etc etc…

In my time off I have to re-assess my goals, what I want to do, and my future…. I actually feel better than ever, could paddle out in overhead surf right now, which is true, because my heart is not going to bust or block, when I rest the electrics are stopping…Therefore pacemaker…. I do have hypertension, which means less salt etc in the diet and reducing stress, get some fitness and have to work at lowering my blood pressure, high, but not in the dangerous category…

Within 6 weeks i will be back out smacking some lips as a new improved model.

Please do not try to analyse this, as this is just what has happened, and i would like you to get the real story not 100 different versions…

Thanks to everyone, will let you know how I go on Tuesday on Wednesday or Tuesday arvo… Might be out of it from the sedative still on Tuesday…. A least I am not Charlie Sheen…Maybe steve austin (They can rebuild me, they have the technology, stronger, faster better….) PS Lee Majors has a pacemaker too.

Thanks for your support, will keep you all in the loop.