Sometimes you’ve just gotta say…………………


Happy Friday Everyone!!

Hope the weekend is looking good for you….

Just a little story about the truth and how actually finding out what is the truth can help you.

One day a very important customer to an airline, a lady of great wealth and influence was flying her cat back to her home in Sydney. It was very special to her, and instructions were given regarding this cargo and the importance of it to the owner.


Now at the airport when the plane arrived, the supervisor in charge of the baggage and cargo was well aware of the cat transported for their very important customer. Upon inspecting the cargo, and the little cat cage, the supervisor finds, that in fact the cat is DEAD!! The customer is due to pick up the cat from the airport in under an hour, and goes into a panic, as thinks this is the end for him as he was entrusted to get this cat to Sydney undamaged. Knowing there was a RSPCA not far away; he takes a picture of the cat and tries to find one that is similar, at the pound.


Amazingly enough, he gets to the animal shelter, and there is a cat, close enough to identical to the one that was dead….. Now his main worry is if she will spot the difference, between her cat and the replacement. The lady is quite elderly, so he thinks it might just work.


He gets rid of the dead cat, and replaces it with the new replacement cat. The customer arrives to pick up her cat, but immediately comes to the supervisor, and tells him, “That is not my cat!” The supervisor, says to the customer, “Are you sure that is not your cat?” to which the Lady replies, “It is the same colour, same size, and looks exactly like my cat, but I know that is not my cat”. The supervisor then asks the lady, “How do you know that is not your cat?”


The lady replies; “Because my cat is dead!”


It just shows sometime that you have to find out the truth before you take any actions.


Sometimes you have just got to say…. THE CAT IS DEAD!!!

I hope there are no dead cats in your life, but if it is, it is!

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