Hello one and all, an awesome week of weather, and if like me you do not mind getting outthere amongstthewaves, some excellent surf, and it looks likethe“Weekend Wave Warrior” is going to score some great waves on Saturday and Sunday.


A few more enquiries at Fraser Financial Services this past week, a lot looking at refinancing, a few buyers toying withtheidea of investment properties. With offers of fixed interest rates at 6.99% over 5 years, no wonderthey are!


I think we may defythegloom and doom inthemedia, and we could see some movement inthemarket. I have quite a few buddies working inthemines in Central Queensland and Western Australia, andthey are getting cashed up, and I would say are between 3 and 6 months beforethey jump intothemarket. If this isthecase from where I am, I am sure it is very similar in a lot of local communities atthemoment.


Forget the “Doom and Gloom”!!!!!


Here at Fraser Financial Services, we have over 30 lenders to choose from, and what separates us from other brokers andthebanks is this:-


  • We are local – 13 years established as a business on the Gold Coast, and we all grew up on the Gold Coast as kids…And so have our kids


  • Service – at all times we aim to do the best by our customers, we ARE  local, and we have to walk down the street and hold ourselves with pride; The Gold Coast is still a small place!


So if you want finance for a vehicle, commercial equipment, your home or investment property


“Think Finance Think Fraser’s – It’s What We Do!”


Also attached is a link, a Today Tonight story on voice over artist Robyn Moore. I was fortunate enough to see her at this years MFAA conference, and she is funny, entertaining, inspirational, and EXTRAORDINARY!


A great story, check it out!!



HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!