Once again it was time to head south and check out the Twin Towns showroom, with Aussie Rock legends, “The Angels” playing. When I got picked by the boys I was unsure if it was Doc with a band, or the Brewster brothers…. Both would be interesting to see.

The lads then told me it was the Angels with Dave Gleason from the Screaming Jets on vocals. I thought, “He this could be pretty cool”. Gleason is a top front man, and from what I have heard Doc’s health is not really the best and last time he had oxygen at side of stage, but Docs charisma is a hard one to replace



Well Charisma, Dave Gleason had buckets of it. Ric Brewster had the searing lead breaks, the brewster brothers the backbone of the band, Chris Baily solid on the bass and their new drummer just ripping in. An awesome gig, all the old favourites, and although Dave was not Doc, that was good, because that was what made it different…


Take a Long Line

I ain’t the One