Happy Friday!!!!

Yes “Happy Friday” is back, and I hope it finds everyone well and looking to take this big beautiful world on!! Despite all our politicians being what they are, the doomsayers at their best, I can tell you there is some light in the market, with 2 purchases of existing homes settling  from my deals this month, and plenty of people looking to see what the options are outside the 4 major banks, and refinancing accordingly….


Now is a great time to look at refinancing; the lenders are looking to take a share of the big 4’s market, and there are some great deals out there, maybe a time to fix your loan, or to see if you can find a loan that’s suits what you want to do and achieve.


Here is a bit of a good news story to put a smile on your face for the weekend and restore your faith in human nature…….




We’ve heard the Enrons of the world file for bankruptcy. Massachussets based Malden Mills did the same — but for entirely different reasons. In 1995, when the Malden Mills caught fire, the CEO and owner of the family run business decided to continue to pay his thousands of idled workers for a full six months! It was a decision that ended up bankrupting the three generation old company, but Aaron Feuerstein, the CEO and owner, says: “Maybe on paper our company is worthless to Wall Street, but I can tell you it’s worth more.” Watch this inspiring video as Aaron shares his rationale for making the ethical choice”


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HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!


And have an AWESOME weekend!