Viva Mayor Tate!!



Well in-between putting his foot in his mouth on various subjects, Gold Coast Mayor, Tom Tate is doing his best to put every surfer in the Gold and Tweed Coast offside. His crusade for a cruiseship terminal, has most surfers fearing what the repercussions would be for the waves and the marine environment, with at the moment 2 options are still on the table, one at the Spit at the northern end of the Gold Coast, and one that seems very scary, at Tugun, just a few kilometers from the legendary Superbank and Kirra.


Listening to Mr Tate, it seems his attitude is not if, but where it will be put, and he seemingly has no regard for anything this would do to the World Class waves of the southern Gold Coast, and South Stradbroke Island. His consultation (if there really was any) with surfers has been with the Surf Industry Task Force; which, with all respects is not really a group that can represents all surfers.


Current ASP World Number 1 surfer Mick Fanning entered the debate last week, against the proposal on his website.

“Tom Tate the mayor for the Gold Coast is proposing the construction of a cruise ship terminal that would gut The Spit causing mass impact to the marine life, waves and lifestyle on the Gold Coast,” Fanning wrote.

He also talked down the proposal to his 85,000 Twitter followers, commenting that “politicians (are) at it again”.


Mayor Tate retorted that he would “only listen to the people that matter”, I assume that is cashed up developers.  Surfers have been in uproar, and Cr Tate should not underestimate the power of an upset surfing community.


He put some more petrol on the fire with a backflip over extending the Big Groyne Kirra to its original size, one of his promises he made upon his election to the surfing community. His response when asked about this was, “Mick (Fanning) is a standout spokesman. Let’s see if he can get that project up,” he said.

“Let him lobby. I will leave it to Mick. He’s putting up his hand, saying things, he can get the groyne going for surfers.” And also,”I’m bowing down to Mick’s expertise. I’m leaving it to Mick to do.”

Not only has Mick Fanning got involed, but 11 times World Champion Kelly Slater also Tweeted from Trestles in the US last week, “Tom Tate you are tripping mate (With that Spit proposal)”. But I suppose an 11 time World Champion and Gold Coast ratepayer does not count either.

Cr Tate also stated, “For every Mick Fanning that comes out – I can find another high profile surfer to come out and say it is a fantastic idea”

Well Cr Tate we are still waiting to see even one!

From my point of view, I see him as arrogant, rude to the residents of the Gold Coast, and having no regard whatsoever for the surfing community. If you would like to let Cr Tate know how you feel, email him at and let him know how you feel! You can also check out “Save Our Spit” on facebook, and go to and register to show you care… Power to the surfers!!