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Do You Have Credit Defaults and the Banks Say No?

The word is buzzing around that now is the time to buy, and it seems there is movement at the station!


Time to time here at Fraser Financial Services, I come across customers, that sometimes through no fault of their own, or through bad advice, or because of the exuberance of youth and a carefree manner, have racked up credit defaults, and all the banks will say is no, no, no, no, and no! This is besides the point they have great incomes, plenty to service a loan, and a good deposit!


This stops them getting into the market, and means they can miss the bargain boat, because of some mistakes in the past.


But it does not necessarily have to be that way!


Here at Fraser Financial Services we have over 40 lenders, and a few of those look after customers with defaults. The interest rate may be higher, but a soon as the credit file has dropped off, we can refinance them with a mainstream lender, and they have made their capital gain as the market improves.


The best loan for a customer?…. It is the one that lets them purchase the property they want to buy….


We have lenders that can lend when….


  • Up to 90% LVR for purchase with defaults (for purchases)
  • Defaults up to $500 ignored (Eg – Telco)
  • Defaults less than 12 months old (80% LVR max 2 defaults)
  • Discharged Bankruptcy (1 Day accepted)




  • 40 year loan terms
  • No genuine savings
  • Flexible cash out policy
  • Unlimited debt consolidation
  • Cash out for ATO debt
  • Lo Doc, Alt Doc, and all solutions for your financial needs!!


We also have solutions to fix your credit record, so you can go with the mainstream lenders…..


Do not let that chance to purchase a home go bye-bye because of a bad credit rating! Call me at Fraser Financial Services, and we can look at what solution we can find for you, so you can get into the real estate market.


Call me today!


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Don’t miss out on that deal!!!



Also remember we at Fraser Financial Services also do finance for Cars, Trucks, commercial equipment, business, and commercial properties!!


“Think Finance, Think Fraser’s … It’s What We Do!”