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17th May 2013

With Terry “Tappa” Teece




Fraser Financial Services

Have We Turned the Corner?

After listening to speakers at last weeks MFAA conference, the confidence seems to be there amongst the “Big Players” that there is a recovery in the housing market. All the speakers seemed to agree that Queensland is the slowest to move, which may mean that Queensland is where the best bargains will be found.. Tim Lawless was one speaker who was particularly buoyant about the property market, Tim heads up the RP Data research and analytics team, analyzing real estate markets, demographics and economic trends across Australia.

One of the interesting statistics he did have that was Queensland unit and apartment sales, particularly the Gold Coast, had one of the biggest drops in values, and this could mean that the price of units are more than likely where the bargains will be found.

He also stated that rental returns were the best for along time, with most properties now positively geared. This is a boon for the investor, low prices and high returns, and I am thinking it will not be too long until we see the market moving in the upwards direction again.

One thing to remember when purchasing a unit that not all lenders are as confident to lend for the purchasing of units in certain developments or postcodes. All lenders have differing policies, so the best thing is to get the good oil from your broker, and what better broker to see than myself, Terry Teece, here at Fraser Financial Services!!

At present the lenders are hungry for business and some great rates are being offered for both fixed and variable. To put yourself in the best bargaining position, have 20% equity in your property, but still some great rates for all LVR’s, and we can get loans for you with only 5% deposit. Time is right to get into the market now!

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Read Tim Lawless’s latest article on the RP Data website by clicking the link below-