Break Out the Rhino Chasers?

After having some poor to average conditions for most of the first two events, it looks like there will be some solid waves to contend with the Margaret River Masters. Latest forecasts have the swell hitting yesterday with epic conditions predicted for Thursday, and the surf hanging around the 6-10 foot plus mark peaking on Saturday at a possible 16 foot! There is a follow up swell predicted, but unlike the last few events it looks like they may have too much swell.
Main Break, or the Box it will sure to be a heavy time whichever break they decide to surf. It will be a real eye-opener for the women, but I really can’t see them sending the girls out at the box. But even seeing the girls try and charge at 10-12 foot Margarets would be awesome to see, and I think we all want to see it.
Mick Fanning now has the yellow jersey, and to my mind has looked sharp and on-game for both of the first two events. How he goes at Margaret’s will be a real test, but I have noticed no one is talking up the Brazilians when it comes to Western Australian power. The surf has that Great Southern Ocean drive and power from the coldest ends of the earth, and most guys admit to whatever board they surf it is not big enough. Medina gone, Toledo gone…. Migel Pupo was handling big Margaret’s well.
Bede Durbidge had his quiver on display on facebook, and goes up to a 6’8”, and I have heard rumours of Parko packing an 8 footer in his. Everyone will be tested if the swell does get as big as predicted, and I for one am very interested to see who will be cutting it in the triple overhead conditions, in both the men and women. As they say it will sort the men from the boys, and the women from the girls.
Stephanie Gilmore is looking in form, and DHD must be smiling all the way to the bank, as it was more than obvious that Mick and Steph, both of DHD’s have had their equipment dialled and working great for them. Over in Western Australia will be the test at the other end of the scale, for both the equipment and the surfers at giant Margaret’s.
Stephanie Gilmore has two seconds, but watch her comeback! I reckon Margaret’s will be hard work for all the girls, and the wildcards, being locals used to what Margaret’s can throw will be a big threat. It will favour the ladies with size and strength, so some of the lightweight girls on tour will find themselves struggling not to get blown off the wave.
I reckon surfers to watch will be…Last year’s winner Michel Borez, Bede Durbidge, Mick Fanning, Joel Parkinson, Josh Kerr, John John Florence, Kelly Slater. Taj Burrow surfs elsewhere when it gets that big, but reckons his garage full of surfboards is his big advantage. Jay Davies, a local charger has got the wildcard and will be one to watch, taking down Gabriel Medina at the Box. For the Women, Stephanie Gilmore, Biancia Buttentag, Courtney Conologue, Lakey Petersen, will be the ones to watch, but local mini-super charger Claire Bevilaqua has the air game and WA big-wave charging skill to shake up the top girls. It is going to be great to watch!
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Well look out! Our four Gold Coast WSL surfers have launched a venture into the world of manscaping and grooming!! Floated on Josh Kerr’s and Bede Durbidge’s Instagram and facebook accounts was the announcement of a new venture, “Surfers 4”, their first product evidently a new perfume, called “Oceans Mist”, more than likely for blokes I reckon. Not!!!!!! Some were calling a hoax, and they were right. Some were even saying up next will be grooming products, and even underwear!! I am actually interested to see what it would smell like, salt water? Good luck to Mick, Joel, Kerrsy, and Durbo for pulling our leg….
But a large birdy has told me it has something to do with something close to their hearts… Beer!!! Watch this space!!