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Well all the pundits are saying Sydney’s real estate market has a bubble that will lead to the eventual decline in prices as a whole. If there is a bubble in Sydney, where does that put the Gold Coast and South East Queensland when we look at this picture?
With interest rates dropping further in the last few months, and some banks are even lowering their fixed interest rates this month without a move from the Reserve Bank. Cheaper money has meant a lot of people are deciding to move into the market. Overall once again it is the middle of the market where most of the movement has been, but even with that the start of 2014 has been fairly soft in Queensland’s South East Corner.
From what I have seen coming through the door here at Fraser Financial Services there are plenty of homes being bought and sold all over the coast, and the rental market is so tight at the moment, I believe property prices will be on the move up. I am not a know-all of the property market so I leave the analysis of the market to Herron Todd White property valuers…. Here are some cuts from the report for March below:-
“On the central Gold Coast we have seen an increase in positivity in the local property market since the rate cut but probably more so in the prestige market ($1 million and above)” – Herron Todd White Month in Review March 2015

The central Gold Coast and the Tweed Coast have had some great gains recently, whether this will be sustained will all depend on what happens next with interest rates.

“Some advice for investors would be to steer clear of areas which saw considerable growth in value levels in 2015 (Burleigh, Miami, Mermaid Beach, Palm Beach, Broadbeach) and look further afield.” – Herron Todd White Month in Review March 2015

I have attached the HTW Month in review, or you can click on this link to view it on-line

This a complete comprehensive review of the property market throughout Australia, both residential and commercial. Worth a read to see what one of the biggest valuation firms in the country think of the market moving forward.

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