Taj Burrow had to call on all his competitive experience to take a close final at the World Surf League QS1000 Komune Bali Pro presented by The Mad Hueys to defeat emerging 16-year-old North Stradbroke Island surfer Ethan Ewing in a high super close final held in high performance 3 to 4 feet surf at Keramas river mouth.
“Such a fun event but that was a serious final with Ethan really pushing me all the way and I really had to try my hardest to take the win” said Burrow in the pool after the final.
“I love it here at the Komune and we’ve scored great waves and had a fun time with some great mates so it’s just been an awesome few days between CT (Championship Tour) events for me and I’m feeling good” said Burrow who headed straight back to Australia and will now head to Brazil for his next major event in a weeks’ time.
The points and the win are insignificant to Burrow as far as the world title is concerned, but hanging out with his Mad Huey mates and surfing perfect Keramas with only 2 guys out; that will put him in a great frame of mind. I would not be surprised if Taj turns in a great result in Rio, which starts this Monday.

A sewage-filled Rio de Janeiro beach has been removed from the list of venues for an upcoming surfing competition in the city, by the governing body the World Surf League .

Spokesman Dave Prodan said in an emailed statement that Sao Conrado beach had to be removed as a competition site “due to pollution issues.”

Sao Conrado had been a backup for the May 11-22 Rio Pro event, to be used in case of sub-par waves or other issues at the primary venue, nearby Barra da Tijuca beach.

Wedged between the high-rent Barra da Tijuca and Leblon neighborhoods and two “favela” hillside slums, Sao Conrado is among Rio’s most polluted beaches. Much of the sewage from the slums flow untreated directly into the water. A ruptured sewage main has added to the problem in recent days, unleashing a malodorous fountain of untreated waste that is cascaded down a rocky outcropping and into the water, creating a huge brown stain.
I know that this was a problem in Sydney surrounds in the past, but this is a whole new level. The WSL had no choice but to rule the venue out, and there is no way that anyone, let alone the world’s best surfers be made to compete in such conditions. This is something that Olympic organisers are looking at as well. But like Sydney used to be, the main venue can be affected with this sewage slick, if winds and tides push it in the direction of Barra da Tijuca beach. Barra da Tijuca is near the spot where the sewage- and trash-filled Jacarepagua lagoon flows into the Atlantic. During low tide, wind can spread the brown patch of contaminated water to Barra da Tijuca. I know a few of the Aussies thought they might cop some crap from the locals, but this is ridiculous!

With the huge and unruly surf over the weekend organisers were forced to call off the first round of the Queensland Masters and Women’s Titles, on the Saturday unable to find contestable let alone, let alone safe enough conditions to hold the event in. Now postponed until the 16th and 17th of May, the young squad of Coolangatta girls will have to wait another week or so until they can unleash and have a crack at the Queensland Title, and the most valuable wildcard to the Roxy Pro Trials for 2016. It’s a bit of a family affair with the Doyle, Coffey sisters having a crack for the title, and a lot of the dad’s surfing in the Masters while their daughter has a go in the women’s, like little Snapper Rocks ripper Alyssa Lock and her more than cheeky dad, Dean. Well worth checking out the weekend after next.