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What’s Happening in the Market?

Well I have heard it many times, but it does look like the market is at 6.30 on the clock, and on the way up. Are we at twenty-five to seven yet? Maybe we are…..

Everyone has an opinion, but down on the street – most agents will tell you, clearance times are reducing, and the stock is moving fast. Now if you would like to check out a concise report on what has been happening in the market click on the link below, to property valuers Herron Todd White “Month in Review”. It covers the property market over the whole nation, well worth checking out, residential and the commercial market both analyzed.

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Have You Checked if Your Home Loan is Doing What You want for You?

Your situation may have changed, for example you may be on a Lo Doc Loan, and now if you have pay slips or current tax returns, you may be able to move to a Full Doc Loan. This could save you thousands per year in interest alone!!

Call us here at Fraser Financial Services, and we can run a health check on your home loan, to if you are getting the most you can out of your home loan.

Contact Terry on 0400 853 035 or 0755766299 or terry@ffsqld.com.au

Can You Still Get a Lo Doc Home Loan?

After the GFC, the finance industry has been shaken up quite a bit, and many people believe that the day of the Lo Doc loan is no longer. But that is far from true. Yes the days of the No Doc, or the old tell us what your income is and sign here are no more.

Lo Doc loans are for those that are more than 50% self-employed, and now the rate you can get will depend what you can supply to the lender towards proof of the income you are declaring. Basically it has 3 levels… Accountants Declaration, Trading Statements, and BAS Statements…. Combination of these will give you a rate slightly higher (1%-2%) …. The less you can supply the higher the rate.

Here at Fraser Financial Services we can even get finance to pay out tax debt, and we have all lending options covered by our full panel of lenders. We realize that being self-employed you have better things to do than to run around to all the banks chasing the best deal. Your job is to chase business and do the job, our job here at Fraser’s is to chase the finance for you so you can do what you do best!!

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