Well the end of the financial year is almost upon us and all the accountants are getting ready to celebrate. A big time of year for them, and it is a good time to look at your finances, and maybe even get a free “Home Loan Health Check” from us here at Fraser Financial Services. We do everything in finance and can help you and your business in many ways.

What’s available in the market?
We have all the lenders and the products to give you the best option you can get in a home loan. A lot of lenders not only give discounts based on the amount you borrow, but also on the LVR (Loan to Value Ratio) you home loan is at. In other words the more equity you have in your home, the less risk it is for the lender, and therefore they are willing to offer a better rate. Could this help you? Why not have a talk to us here at Fraser Financial Services and we can talk to you about the latest offers coming from our lenders.

Investment Property?
Are you thinking of using the equity in your current home to purchase an investment property? Talk to us at Fraser Financial Services, and we can show you how you can use the equity in your home to get an investment property. Rates are at record lows and the market has not jumped yet, so now could be the perfect time to get into the market!

Are You on a Lo Doc Loan?
Are you currently on a Lo Doc loan, but now have got your full financials (Tax returns etc)? You could now be eligible for a full document loan, and save yourself thousands on interest repayments each year. Also we have lenders who do Lo Doc, and their rates a very reasonable, and you may be to refinance to a better interest rate position even if you need to go down the path of a Lo Doc loan.

Tax Debt?
We have a range of lenders who will accept the payment of tax debt as a part of a refinance or a home loan. Yes, the interest rates will be slighty higher than normal, but they are much cheaper than the rate offered by the Tax Department! Get rid of your tax problem!

Time to Renovate?
Is it time to finally fix up the kitchen? Is it time to get that pool put in before summer? If you want to renovate, come and talk to us at Fraser Financial Services. We can top up your current loan, or you may want to look at what other options are in the market. You could find yourself in a newly renovated house, and with a better home loan!

New Car or Truck?
Time to turn over that work car or truck before June 30? At Fraser Financial Services we can do all you vehicle financing, car or truck, for personal or business use. Our experts can get your finance fast and with a minimum of fuss and even have a car broking contact, so you can chase business not cars and finance!