Abdul with the winnings... Yesssss!!!

Another great night at the Cave, and Abdul’s team “The Gooches” finally got a win after 12 months of trying!!

I gotta admit I slayed ’em with the music, Kraftwerk, Kiss (It was Paul not Gene!), Art v Science, Johnny Cash, a mixed bag that sorted the teams out. The team names were classic… “Chilean’s do it with miners”, “Sally Pearson came early” “Ducks nuts guts”, “The Late Sausages”…mmm what are they thinking… about having fun on a schoolnight!!!

All had a great time, a lot of people think Gary Busy is Nick Nolte, and Lewis Carroll in the famous faces no one got….

Get in early to get your table, starts around seven, first in gets the best spot…

See you next Wednesday, same Cave, Same Cave Channel!