The world’s best surfers are converging on Australia’s Gold Coast for the opening event of the elite 2015 World Surf League (WSL) season, the Quiksilver and Roxy Pro Gold Coast, held from February 28 to March 11, 2015.

Well the surfers are already here, but will there be a bank for the to surf? Already, as we go to print there is a potential cyclone heading down the coast, which threatens to take the sand away from Snapper and making the bank impossible to surf, as was the case in 2013, where the infrastructure had to pulled down with the threat of it being washed away. So far from my surf there on Tuesday, work on the enormous infrastructure has been halted, obviously to see what happens with this storm.

Where would they go? Could be a wait and see exercise. Burleigh Point has the rock break which becomes surfable once all the sand has been dragged away, and as always, the removing of more sand could see Kirra start to return to its former glory. This week it is very noticeable the amount of sand that has gone from Kirra, and now for the first time in almost a decade, little groyne can be seen, exposed at the shoreline. Oh the pumping fun waves I had there as a grommet! For those who were not around in those days, the water was washing onto the bolder walls, and pumping cylinders ran all the way from Big Groyne, all the way past Little Groyne. The original Superbank!

Well no matter where the venue is, the action will be on. Gabriel Medina starts his title defence, and is also the 2014 winner of this event. Myself and many others, including Mr Joel Parkinson reckoned Parko did win that event last year. Even though what is done is done, I would reckon Parkinson could be a big chance of taking this event out, he’s done it before, he thought he did it last year, and will be motivated and driven as ever. He would be stinging to get the win at home at the start of the season. Funny thing is that the winner of both the Quiksilver and Roxy Pro’s went on to be the World Champion last year, and this has happened more than once. Mick Fanning, Kelly Slater, John John Florence, and Gabriel Medina will all be looking at getting a good start to the year.

Now our own World Champion, Miss Stephanie Gilmore, is fresh, fired up, and ready to roll, as she hunts down Layne Beachley’s 7 World Titles set in 2006. Stephanie now is the old girl (ha ha) on tour at 27 years of age, but for me has the best style of any female surfer that has graced this planet. To my way of thinking, Stephanie’s only threat seems to come when the waves are of poor quality, so if the waves are pumping I can see Stephanie getting at least 9 World titles in her kit bag!! Go girl!!

20 events this season in the World Championship race for men and women, and you can catch it all on Fox Sports, or on the internet live at