Tapped into the Waves 04/03/2015


Well mother nature has not really smiled on the organisers of this year’s Quiksilver and Roxy pro. With over 6 weeks of pumping waves leading up to the event, the event has had to pick the eyes out of what surf that remains. Saturday had some great waves, but there has not been much around since then. On Tuesday organisers finished the 2nd round of the Roxy pro in marginal conditions, which nearly saw “our Steph” left stranded without a wave. A last minute wave saw Stephanie Gilmore snatch the win away from young wildcard Bronte Macaulay, but for a while there it was looking like Stephanie was going to be beaten by the conditions rather than the surfer.

But in the event’s defence, the swell predictions for the rest of the waiting period are not ideal, and I am thinking that maybe even good old Dbah may have to come into play with the current weather predictions. Thursday is looking like a northerly day, so that looks like no waves until the southerly change comes through on Thursday night. That leaves a pulse of southerly swell for Friday and over the weekend. The problem is the wind is going to funky as well, so it is going to be tough to get it all done. Glad I’m not under the pump for this one. Mother nature always rules.

All being said there are some delightful match ups, with Mick Fanning taking on Dane Reynolds, and Kelly Slater against Jack Freestone in the sudden death elimination round two. No matter what huey throws at the Quiksilver and Roxy Pros, you can be guaranteed there will be some awesome surfing action, most of these guys and girls could surf a boat wake on a fence paling with a nail for a fin. Let hopes a mystery swell turns up. Please!

My tips were not on the money last week, with both Mick Fanning and Stephanie Gilmore losing their first round heats. I still stick by them, Mick still looking the goods, with the highest scoring wave of the event so far, and Stephanie still looking sharp. My main fear is that lack of waves will beat them rather than their fellow competitors.